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Decenber 8, 2018 UPDATE
Some Jackson Fury Winter Indoor team rosters are at or near their roster limits. Late registrations are only being accepted to fill the remaining roster openings. Parents must confirm a roster spot is open by contacting Tom Strock with the players name, boy or girl, current school grade level, and birth year. If a roster spot is available, then Parents should promptly complete the registration process.

Jackson Fury is now accepting registrations for the Winter (second) 2018-2019 Indoor Soccer session! The Winter Indoor soccer session is 10 weeks and runs January 14 through March 23, 2019. Key registration dates:
Oct 31 - Open Registration for New Players Starts
Dec 7 - Open Registration for New Players Ends
Dec 8 - Late Registration Starts, $25 Late Fee Required, Team Placement Not Guaranteed
Dec 21 - Late Registration Ends as Rosters Fill or This Date

New players are all players who did not register and play with Jackson Fury in the Fall 2018 Outdoor or the Fall (first) 2018-2019 Indoor session. All registered Jackson Fury players, active and inactive, will be invoiced for the second Indoor session and will not have to complete the full registration process again. Please do not proceed further. If you need to make your Indoor session payment, then please go to the PAYMENT webpage and enter the amount on your invoice. All players, including those returning from a season prior to Fall 2018, are considered new and must register here.

Throughout the year, players consistently make more developmental progress during the indoor season than at any other time! DON'T MISS OUT!

NEW PLAYERS ARE WELCOME! Elementary school players, grades 2 to 5, will be assigned to an age appropriate team regardless of prior experience. Basic and advanced soccer skills will be coached. New middle school players, grades 6 to 8, are encouraged to give the club a try by attending a training session for their age group. New middle school players normally have several years of recreational soccer experience and make the transition smoothly. In the past, all players who completed the registration process prior to the deadline have been placed on teams but, occasionally, some new players drop-out. If parents are uncertain, please contact Tom Strock with the player's full birth date (month/day/year) and current school grade level to schedule an appointment to attend a practice. Learn more about Jackson Fury Soccer Club by reading our brochure!

Practices and games will be coached by the club's professional coaching staff with an emphasis on player development. Several levels of play are offered:

Soccer Age Requirements: All players must satisfy the following age brackets for the 2018-2019 Soccer Year:

Player Birth Year Typical 2018-2019
School Grade Level
Youth Boys 2009 to 2011 2 to 3
Youth Girls 2004 to 2011 2 to 8
High School 2000 to 2004 9 to 12

NOTE: Players born in 2011 who are in the 1st grade for the 2018-2019 school year are eligible to play on a travel soccer team. Boys born in 2009 who are in the 4th grade are also eligible to play. Boys and girls born in 2012 to 2015 are too young for Jackson Fury youth travel soccer and are encouraged to participate in the Jackson Fury Kidz soccer program. Boys and boys teams for birth years prior to 2009 are welcome to email Tom Strock to discuss accommodations for your son and his team within Jackson Fury.

Please follow the instructions on the registration web pages carefully. If you have any questions, please review the following information, check the Frequently Asked Questions, or email Tom Strock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall Outdoor or Fall Indoor Jackson Fury players will be invoiced for the Winter (second) Indoor session, will not have to complete this full registration process, and should not proceed further. Email Tom Strock for clarification in special circumstances.

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