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Jackson Fury Sideline Rules of Conduct

For many of life's endeavors there are unwritten, but fiercely enforced, codes of conduct which must be followed if law and order is to prevail. Soccer is not exempt from such codes and for the benefit of those parents and girls new to the world of competitive soccer.....

If you made it this far in this article, I hope that you enjoyed it and will abide by this motivation to enjoy the game, give your daughter a hug, and allow the Coach's and Referee's to do their job. If not, please be forewarned that Jackson Fury Soccer Club has a zero-tolerance policy and Parents and/or their Players will be subject to disciplinary actions including suspension from club activities and membership termination.

Best wishes,
Tom Strock, President
Jackson Fury Soccer Club

CREDIT: This has been adapted from an FC Royals newsletter article authored by Jim Cathcart, FC Royals.

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