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Mar 26, 2019 UPDATE
SORRY!!!! Registration has closed for the Spring 2019 Jackson Fury Kidz program. We are at capacity for the program and are not accepting additional registrations. Information on the Spring program follows. We will offer a Fall Outdoor Jackson Fury Kidz program that will start in late August for seven weeks. Registration for the Fall Jackson Fury Kidz program will open in June and close in late July. Please check back then for details and registration instructions.

Key Registration Dates
Jan 29, 2019 - Registration Opens
Mar 25, 2019 - Registration Closes

NEW PLAYERS ARE WELCOME! Jackson Fury Kidz is a training/playing program focused on introducing the sport of soccer to young players born in 2012 to 2015. Based on age appropriate training, this program emphasizes developing basic soccer techniques, along with balance, movement, agility and motor skills, all of which are vital for individual development. This highly successful program allows participants to learn and have success in a positive, fun, safe and educational environment. All Jackson Fury Kidz participants receive a t-shirt.

Program Information

Activities will be directed by Jackson Fury's Director of Coaching Frank Gagliardi and the club's coaching staff. All coaches are registered with US Club Soccer, have passed background checks, and have completed concussion and sports medicine training.

All players need to bring a #3 size soccer ball and wear shin guards completely covered by soccer socks. It is not mandatory that players wear cleats. Soccer cleats do not have a "toe" cleat. If your child has shoes with a toe cleat, it can be cut off and the shoe may be used. Shorts and t-shirts are suggested for warmer weather. Sweatshirts may be needed when outdoor temperatures are cooler. Bring a water bottle!

Spring 2019 Outdoor Jackson Fury Kidz fees are as follows:
Returning Players from Fall Outdoor or Indoor Kidz
- $ 45. for all activities including a t-shirt.
New Players
- $ 55. including $45 for all activities and a t-shirt plus a $10 registration fee.
All player fee payments are nonrefundable and all-inclusive.

Please learn more about Jackson Fury Soccer Club by reading our brochure! If you have questions, please email Tom Strock.

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